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Charities and Support Efforts

As the world lives through the soap opera of a pandemic, many who now find themselves at home during the day are looking for ways to use their daytime constructively to help the most vulnerable. The following non-profit organizations are in need of financial contributions or volunteers. Please review the list below and shine the spotlight forward with the daytime TV community.

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American Red Cross

Healthy individuals are needed to schedule an appointment now to give in the days ahead to help patients counting on lifesaving blood throughout this pandemic. The American Red Cross faces a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus outbreak. If you are healthy and feeling well, please make an appointment now to donate in the days ahead. Click below for link to schedule an appointment in your community.

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Feeding America

Feeding America has established the COVID-19 Response Fund to help food banks across the country secure the resources they need to effectively and safely support communities. The Feeding America network is the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States including in disasters and national emergencies. The most vulnerable people in our communities need Feeding America now more than ever.

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Shopping Angels

Medical student Jayde Powell is a "shopping angel," and she and her growing army of volunteers are providing free grocery delivery to the sick and elderly during the Coronavirus pandemic. Powell requires her shopping angels to wear masks and gloves during transportation, pickup and delivery. Click on the link below to learn more and maybe even become the next angel.

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United Way

The United Way is a nonprofit organization that works with almost 1,200 offices throughout the country in a coalition of charitable organizations to pool efforts in fundraising and support. 
United Way is supporting communities across the world struggling to cope with COVID-19. Together, we’re protecting the most vulnerable. Your generosity helps people most in need access food, shelter, vital information and more through United Way’s global network. 
95% of your donation to United Way Worldwide’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund will provide relief to those left vulnerable by the pandemic.

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Humane Society of the United States

Many pet owners in the United States will soon be facing immense financial barriers to veterinary access and other animal care services, especially those in underserved areas who were already struggling prior to the coronavirus outbreak.
Your support at this critical time ensures the bond people have with their companions is not broken and that all lifesaving work for animals can continue. Every little bit we can do to help each other makes a big difference. Will you make a donation today?


American Nurses Foundation

Nurses are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response. The ANF has created a Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses to enable the public to support and thank nurses. The national fund will address the identified, emerging needs of nurses, focusing on providing direct assistance to nurses, supporting the mental health of nurses and ensuring nurses everywhere have access to the latest science-based information to protect themselves, prevent infection, and care for those in need.

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Operations USA

OpUSA is currently responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by helping to provide in-kind supplies to community partners and is planning to deliver grants to partners as opportunities allow.

Every donation makes our life-changing work possible. All donations at this time will directly help children and families as they recover in the wake of recent major disasters or grapple with the impact of disease and/or poverty. For updates on how your donations are helping, visit

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World Vision USA

As the global coronavirus crisis continues to grow, your donation will help provide essentials both in the U.S. and abroad, like face masks and gloves for health workers; anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer, and emergency food for children and families; and health training to keep everyone safe. World Vision has been responding on the ground since the beginning of the outbreak, meeting critical needs around the world. Today our staff are reaching at-risk communities with supplies both here in the U.S. and in every country where we work.

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James Beard Foundation

The purpose of the James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund (the “Fund”) is to provide critical financial assistance to small, independent restaurants that, due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) national disaster, have an immediate need for funds to pay set operating expenses and keep from going out of business. Our goal is to do our part along with federal, state, and local governments to provide for workers, sustain local business, reduce the financial impact on communities, and otherwise mitigate the severe economic consequences of this global pandemic.
We know that swift action is needed to ensure there is a vibrant culinary and beverage community still standing once we are on the other side of this pandemic. We hope you’ll support – at any level you can – to help these important community institutions survive.

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DRAN: Disaster Responder Assets Network

Disaster Responder Assets Network (DRAN) is comprised of men and women that have dedicated their lives to the service of others. Each of us comes from different backgrounds, bringing a depth and experience that when combined creates a force far greater than the sum of its parts.  Our primary function is to serve as a “one-stop shop” for front line responders and healthcare professionals seeking information and communication when it’s most needed and hardest to acquire. Our vision is to achieve that by providing education to those that want to help, and resources and mental health support to those in need.

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Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

he Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (“Fund”) was created to help restaurant industry employees experiencing extraordinary hardship in the wake of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. Through this Fund, grants will be made to restaurant industry employees who have been impacted by COVID-19, including a decrease in wages or loss of employment. Grants will be awarded as soon as possible to those individuals who meet the prescribed eligibility criteria, as reviewed and verified by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF). This Fund is operated by the NRAEF, whose mission is to attract, empower and advance today’s and tomorrow’s restaurant and foodservice workers.

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Arrow-Heart Adventures Camp

We are committed to enriching the lives of young teens through a challenging outdoor adventure. We inspire kids to want to make better choices, build character, confidence, credibility and critical thinking skills.
The guiding principles of the ARROW-HEART Camps are our 6 “C’s” of Leadership. They are as follows: CHARACTER, COMMITMENT, COMMUNICATION, CRITICAL THINKING, CREDIBILITY, and COMPASSION. We use these core principles as our foundation for building a more confident and competent leader. Every lesson and challenge we introduce contains one or more of these principles for our participants to experience.

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Tunnels to Towers Foundation

The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation honors the sacrifice of firefighter Stephen Siller who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation supports our military, police, and firefighters, who bravely serve and protect our country and communities. Now, the Foundation is stepping up to assist our selfless health care workers who are risking their lives every day battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Foundation has established the COVID-19 Heroes Fund and is pledging $3 million to support frontline health care workers by providing meals, personal protective equipment and, should a health care worker lose their life to COVID-19 and leave behind young children, financial relief through temporary mortgage payments on their family’s home.

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Food for the Front Line

The Daytime Cares community loves to give voice to local charitable efforts. We receive a lot of emails from so many people who are starting grass roots charities in their communities, and it doesn’t get much more “grass roots” than what marketing executive Marlowe Sidney did when she started “Food for the Front Line.”

Since late March, Marlowe’s organization has raised over $50,000 thanks to hundreds of donations - individual and corporate, likes and shares. 100% of the money has been given to small local restaurants to help keep them afloat and keep employees from being jobless. Over 8000 meals have been sent to 12+ area hospitals keeping our healthcare workers fed at a time when "grabbing a bite" is anything but easy to do.

The money Food for the Front Lines has raise is being spent immediately, and locally at several small restaurants including, but not limited to, Schnippers, Hill Country BBQ, Duke's, Big Daddi's, Burger & Barrel and Tre Sorelle (and more).

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CSUN Nursing

At Daytime Cares, we support reputable non-profits and local charitable efforts. Sometimes we feel compelled to give a shout out to organizations and programs that are doing spectacular work.  California State University Northridge (CSUN) nursing students are working on the frontlines at Los Angeles County Hospitals as a part of their clinical rotations. Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing students are screening visitors and hospital employees or COVID-19 symptoms at the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital entrance. The students are provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for safety. CSUN nursing students are also helping at Los Angeles County COVID-19 drive-thru testing sites. They are working at hospitals as assistants, respiratory therapists, nurse's aides, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) during this pandemic.

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